Investing Goals: Russia

WORLD CUP 2018 INVESTMENT SERIES: In the first of our eight-part series, we kick off with our Group A favourite - Russia

The economic benefits of hosting a World Cup may be short-lived, but fundamentals for the Russian stock market seem positive.

“Russia still looks cheap, with the RTS Index currently offering a price/earnings ratio of 7.7x, compared to the MSCI Emerging Market index’s 16.5x. Russian-listed companies also provide strong average dividend yields of 5%, and payout ratios are expected to increase from 37% to 50%,” said Elio Manca of ITI Funds, who provide Russian equity ETFs.

And it is no longer just about oil and gas companies either -  energy stocks still make up around half of the constituents in the RTS Index, but there are a growing number of consumer firms for investors to tap into.

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