ITI Funds’ Alteus fund wins Best Multi-Asset Fund award

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

The Alteus fund, managed by ITI Funds, won the award for best multi-asset fund at the fifth Russian Hedge Fund Industry Awards, held in Moscow on April 5.

Alteus is a high frequency trading arbitrage hedge fund that uses price inefficiencies across a wide range of investment instruments to make a profit, including shares, bonds, futures, options, and currencies, ITI Funds said in a press statement.

The fund recently celebrated its third anniversary, having been established based on one of ITI Funds platforms in March 2016.

“Three years represents something of a coming of age for a fund; Alteus can now be found in Bloomberg’s ratings, where its Sharpe and Sortino ratings place it among the top-50 of 1,312 algorithmic multi-strategy funds,” ITI Funds CEO GLeb Yakovlev said in a statement.

Alteus has returned strong results over three years, returning a profit in 29 months out of the last 36. Its three-year annualised return is 7.9%, its annualised volatility is 3.8%, and its Sharpe ratio is 2.1. The fund’s strategy is “market-neutral systematic arbitrage” with only fully hedged arbitrage positions taken.

ITI Funds Yakovlev added:”Alteus was the first fund to be set up on our fund platform. We are proud that our first product has become well-recognised and highly rated. While we try to bring funds for different investor profiles to the ITIFunds platform, Alteus is used by both conservative and risk-tolerant investors. Due to its low risks, conservative investors use it as an alternative to bonds. Meanwhile, more aggressive investors allocate part of their portfolio to balance risks. That is why it is one of our flagship products”.

ITI Funds currently has 10 funds on the ITI Funds platform, including ETFs, PE, special funds like IPO-focused funds, as well as the newest addition to the family, a cryptocurrency tracking EFT. The funds differ in aspects including their risk-return levels, investment horizons, asset classes, and strategies, ITI Funds said in its release.

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