MVIS and ITI Funds Launch the ITI Funds Crypto Index

Digital Assets Index with a capped basket of larger coins for broad diversification

FRANKFURT, Germany--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MV Index Solutions (MVIS), and ITI Funds, a modern buy-side intermediary, advisory and asset management business, have launched the ITI Funds Crypto Index (ticker: ITIFC), a capitalization weighted, capped crypto index based on cryptocurrencies selected from a top 30 list.

The ITI Funds Crypto Index provides a diversified, long-term and non-speculative investment approach based on a selected list of cryptocurrencies. The index methodology includes a 15% cap on any component which ensures constant diversification.

The coins in the eligible universe of the ITI Funds Crypto Index have to fulfil several conditions such as liquidity, recognition and availability of an insured cold storage solution.

“We are excited to launch this index with ITI Funds,” said Thomas Kettner, Managing Director at MVIS. “Starting with nine digital assets, the index is a dynamic instrument which covers the broader market while at the same time staying within the safest and most recognized names of this new asset class.”

Gleb Yakovlev, CEO of ITI Funds, explains: “We aim to launch the first fund structure based on the ITIFC Index (ITI Funds Crypto SCSp) within the next few weeks. We want to offer an opportunity to invest in a new asset class via a diversified product serviced by well-known fund management professionals and top asset servicing providers. In addition to the broad number of components, we also apply a cap to larger coins, which guarantees a wider distribution of weights and helps to avoid a dominance of any single coin.”

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