MVIS registered as a Benchmark Administrator under the European Benchmarks Regulation

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Frankfurt (5 July 2019) - Today our partner MV Index Solutions (MVIS) - provider of ITI Funds Crypto Index Fund - announced that it has been registered as a benchmark administrator under the European Benchmarks Regulation (BMR). The registration was achieved well before the end of the transitional period of 1 January 2020.

The Benchmark Regulation has the following objectives:

  • improving governance and controls over the benchmark process, in particular to ensure that administrators avoid conflicts of interest, or at least manage them adequately,

  • improving the quality of input data and methodologies used by benchmark administrators,

  • ensuring that contributors to benchmarks and the data they provide are subject to adequate controls, in particular to avoid conflicts of interest,

  • protecting consumers and investors through greater transparency and adequate rights of redness.

“The registration as an authorised Benchmark Provider is a milestone in the company’s history, as it’s considered to be the highest standard in the industry. We are glad our commitment to quality, integrity and reliability has been recognised by the regulator,” says Thomas Kettner, Managing Director at MV Index Solutions.

Torsten Hunke, Managing Director, adds, “The registration has made us a regulated player in the financial industry. It was associated with quite some efforts to get there but given the great international reputation of European and especially German regulatory standards it was worth it.”

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About ITI Funds Crypto Index

MV Index Solutions (MVIS®) develops, monitors and licenses the MVIS Indices, a selection of focused, investable and diversified benchmark indices. The indices are especially designed to underlie financial products. MVIS Indices cover several asset classes, including equity, fixed income markets and digital assets and are licensed to serve as underlying indices for financial products. Approximately USD 14 billion in assets under management are currently invested in financial products based on MVIS Indices. MVIS is a VanEck company.