Product focus: ITI Funds’ Russia-focused ETFs

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

A new European ETF platform has announced its presence on the scene with the launch of two Russia-focused funds under the ITI Funds banner. ITI is a new offering from independent investment specialist Da Vinci Capital Management, launched in 2007 to exploit opportunities in emerging markets.

Can you explain what the products are?

The ITI Funds RTS Equity UCITS ETF and the ITI Funds Russia-focused USD Eurobond UCITS ETF will be traded on the London Stock Exchange but their primary listing is in Dublin. They will also be admitted to the Moscow Stock exchange in due course. The ITI Funds RTS Equity UCITS ETF is the first ETF to provide exposure to local Russian shares. It will physically replicate the free-float cap-weighted RTS Index – comprised of 45 equities – which is Russia’s oldest and most widely used equity index.

Why is now the right time to be launching these funds?

Oleg Jelezko, managing partner of Da Vinci Capital Management, said Da Vinci’s experience of over a decade operating in emerging markets meant the company had a “deep understanding of the markets and how they operate”. “The launch of ITI Funds is an extension of our skills to provide investors a well-structured and regulated platform from which they can access what we believe is a significant growth opportunity,” he added.

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